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Hub Motor kit

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Hub motors provide the simplest, most robust and cheapest option for converting a regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. They can be operated with a throttle only or in combination with a pedal assist system (250W and 1000W only).

We have the greatest range of wheel sizes and power options available in Australia. 200W (throttle only) or 250W (pedal assist operation) is the legal limit for riding on Australian roads. Installation is relatively simple. Swap out your wheel and mount some controlling accessories. Choose a battery that suits your required riding range. Click here for suitable battery options. 

Golden rules when installing a hub motor kit: 1) Never use Carbon bike forks or frames, 2) Always install a torque bar, 3) Only put front hub motors on rigid steel forks.  

Motor Power: 200W
Rim Size: 20 Inch Rim
Battery: No Battery
Operation mode: Throttle Only
Motor Location: Front Hub

Mini-motors are smaller motors with a planetary set of gears inside. They are suitable to run with powers from 200W up to 350W. From 500W to 1000W we use the larger direct drive motors as they are more stable at this higher power. They are heavier though, 6kg as opposed to 3kg and the riding range is reduced.

The kits includes a motor laced into an ALEX rim with stainless steel spokes, motor, controller, throttle, torque bar, cable ties and some extra washers for spacing motor. All kits are disc or brake pad compatible and require either a 36V or 48V battery. 200W is the legal limit for riding on the road.

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